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Skonrokk Studios is a professional mixing and mastering studio located in Denmark. Featuring the best of both analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion and we focus on making your recordings sound as great as they can be!

STUDIO TIME: Contact us with your project details and we'll take it from there.

For any studio jobs contact

MIXING: Contact us with your project details and we'll take it from there. E-mail for a Quote

E-mail for a quote. Prices depend on the nature of the project.


Our goal is to work closely with our clients when it comes to mixing. Your music deserves to reach it's maximum potential both from your artistic point of view and our technical (and artistic) experties.


Mastering services and rates for 2024:

Mastering is the "icing on the cake" when it comes to audio productions.
Full balanced sound that is ready for all platforms and mediums.

Mastering for online digital distribution, CD's and vinyl pre-master.

DDP masters and all the digital file formats that you might need.
Fully tagged and ready to use according to your wishes!

We can do either stereo or stem mastering.

 Prices for stereo mixes to be mastered (all prices are in DKK (danish krone) ex. VAT).

1 song:      812 DKK  
2 songs:   1624 DKK  (812 DKK per song)
3 songs:   2200 DKK  (733,33 DKK per song)
4 songs:   2844 DKK  (711 DKK per song)
5 songs:   3492 DKK  (698,4 DKK per song)
6 songs:   4140 DKK  (690 DKK per song)
7 songs:   4788 DKK  (684 DKK per song)
8 songs:   5436 DKK  (679,5 DKK per song)
9 songs:   6084 DKK  (676 DKK per song)
10 songs: 6732 DKK  (673,2 DKK per song)
11 or more: Ask for price quote at

This applies to songs in the typical pop/rock length of up to 5 minutes. Songs that are 5-10 minutes long are 124 DKK extra. If your song is longer than that then contact  us with details for a custom quote.
Sometimes this is also project based, nobody is counting seconds here. So feel free to ask in advance.

  • Mastering of instrumental versions, radio edits, alternative versions etc. of mixes is 50% off / discount if done in the same session as the main master.
    It's possible to get more discount on alternative versions if it's part of a full album session, please send inquires to

  • DDP master: 576 DKK. DDP is commonly used for delivery of a CD master for duplication.

  • Additional master files for vinyl (vinyl pre-master): 494 DKK each side.

  • Any digital audio file format you need, fully tagged (where it's possible) with metadata and artwork (sent by client/artist) is included if requested (no extra charge for additional file types).

    Specific editing is evaluated for each project, if editing is requested.
    Please send inquiries to


Stem mastering is by default 25% extra for a typical pop/rock stems, but details about the nature of the stems (how many and what) should be discussed in advance. Please send inquiries to

We have a satisfactory guarantee. The mastering service aims at fulfilling your artistic and technical needs and includes free unlimited revisions before the submission of the final master.

If a mix is revised and submitted after the final master is delivered  we will charged a recall fee.

No final master files are sent out before invoice is paid in full.

Feel free to ask for a mix check / feedback before you send us the mix to be mastered. RECOMMENDED!

If you think that  your project / album does not fit these conditions then please contact us for a custom quote.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

Do you need music for your project? Arrangement? Bass parts?

Give me a call or drop a e-mail to, lets talk.

Using Izotope's RX 4 Advanced (Complete Audio Repair & Enhancement) has been a big part of my audio work for the last few years. It's now possible to save and enhance recordings that might have ended on the cutting floor / thrash bin a few years ago.

Zotope's award-winning RX is the industry standard for audio repair and enhancement, fixing common audio problems like noises, distortions, and inconsistent recordings. Post production professionals, audio engineers, and video editors alike use RX to transform previously unusable audio into pristine material.

What can be done?

Audio Post Production:
    •    Clean up clipped, damaged and noisy dialogue.
    •    Isolate and reduce troublesome background.
    •    Match the sonic differences between audio recordings from different environments.

 •    Reduce the background and location noise on production audio.

•    Clean up voiceover and narration mouth noises.
Audio Engineering and Recording:
    •    Eliminate the amp hum, equipment hiss, and environmental noise that can ruin your recordings.
    •    Fix problems like clipping, audio dropouts, and other sudden unwanted sounds.
    •    Remove unwanted reverb and improve the quality of on-location recordings with the Dereverb tool.
Audio Mastering:
    •    Remove noises from live recording with spectral editing.
    •    Attenuate certain sounds within a mix when you can't return to source audio.
    •    Polish your music to professional-sounding quality, whether recorded in a home studio or live environment.
Audio for Broadcast:
    •    Ensure loudness compliance with international broadcast standards.
    •    Reduce sudden wind noises, location noise, and electrical buzz/hum on location interviews.
Restoration and Archiving:
    •    Restore old mediums such as vinyl, tape and film with precise control over each step of the process.
    •    Repair stereo imbalances and phase issues that can occur during tape restoration with Azimuth Alignment controls.

    •    Improve the clarity and intelligibility of vocals by removing background noise.
    •    Visually perform edit analyses by using the Spectrogram display.
    •    Keep track of all performed tasks and export a log of your edit history.
Podcasting and Audiobooks:
    •    Reduce unwanted noise from location recordings and phone interviews.
    •    Remove distortion and signal clip from recordings.
    •    Level the entire interview without compression.

Audio Restoration: Call for a Quote
Mix advice: FREE!

Got a mix you're working on? Need a second pair of ears? Send me an mp3 of your song/mix and I'll give you my honest first impressions. If you're sending me mixes for mastering then we can get more into detail if necessary.

I've been a bass and music teacher since 2001 and I've taught both
privatly and at music schools. Contact me at if you want to have private lessons with me. Either in person (if possible) or via Skype.

I also offer my services as a session bass player. Contact me at if you need some bass grooves in your music or band.



Check the Soundcloud player below for songs I've played bass on. My own projects and session work.

Fretted and fretless basses. 4 & 5 strings. Electric bass. Detuned, prepared and traditional ;)

Enjoy... and drop me a line at if you need a bass player for your project.




Session bass / bass lessons / music lesson / audio lessons (mixing, mastering etc): $50 per hour (lessons) - get discount if you buy 4 or more.
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