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Here are some samples of music that I've recorded, mixed and/or mastered (or a various combination of all three phases). Check it out and support the artists if you find something you like!


"Nú er komið miklu meira en nóg / Enough is Enough" is the newest single from Icelandic all female 80's pop stars Dúkkulísur. It's the title song from a upcoming film/documentary (Women Rock / Konur rokka) about the band and their 32 years together, a story of their friendship united by music.
Recorded by Jónas Bloch Danielsen @ Studio Bloch.
Mixed by Kristinn Snær Agnarsson. Mastered by Sigurdór Guðmundsson at Skonrokk Studios.
Icelandic pop.

Ring of Gyges

Ramblings of Madmen is a self recorded, mixed and produced EP by the Icelandic band Ring of Gyges.

Recorded at Studio Brautarholt. Recorded, mixed and produced by Einar Merlin Cortes and Guðjón Sveinsson. Mastered by Sigurdór Guðmundsson at Skonrokk Studios. Progressive rock/metal.


Heartless is the first of three singles that make Trilogia's blue series.

Trilogia is an Icelandic pop band. Members are Finnbjörn Benónýsson and Fríða Dís Guðmundsdóttir.
Recorded and produced by Trilogia.

Mixed and mastered by Sigurdór Guðmundsson at Skonrokk Studios (2015).
Indie electro pop.

Sigrún K. Jónsdóttir

Hljóð (sound/silence) by Sigrún Kristbjörg Jónsdóttir. Mixed by Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson at Aldingarðurinn. Mastered by Sigurdór Guðmundsson at Skonrokk Studios. - Latin/folk/world/classical.

Helgi Valur
Hafdís Bjarnadóttir

Sounds of Iceland – field recordings by Hafdís Bjarnadóttir - Recorded by Hafdís Bjarnadóttir (2009–2013). Produced and mixed by Hafdís Bjarnadóttir at Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm in 2014. 
Post-production and mastering by Sigurdór Guðmundsson, Skonrokk Studios. Label: Gruenrekorder.

Notes From The Underground by Helgi Valur. Released May 13th 2015. Mastered at Skonrokk Studios by Sigurdór Guðmundsson. Mastered for vinyl, CD and digital downloads. Produced, recorded and mixed by Kári Einarsson at Studio eitt. - Indie pop rock.


Green - Clazz
The album Green by Austrian band Clazz. Mixed and mastered by Sigurdor Gudmundsson, Skonrokk Studios. Recorded by ‎Martin Reus (Salzburg, Austria). Music and lyrics by Haraldur Ægir Guðmundsson (except "Now I'm Strong" by Sabine Fahrnberger).


Praise Your Senses [single] - E-Mute
I played bass on, mixed and mastered this single from E-Mute in 2014. Time (No Tomorrow) was another song I also did for them. Indie alternative rock.

Guðni Einarsson (producer) / ATTMOSS

I've done some mastering on various projects for audio engineer / producer Guðni Einarsson @ Hljóðheimar (studio). Including the above remix by his band ATTMOSS.

Mamiko Dís

Ljóðin um veginn / 往く途の詩 by Mamiko Dís, released in November 2014. Mixed and mastered by Sigurdór Guðmundsson, Skonrokk Studios.

Beebee & the Bluebirds

I recorded the basic/rhythm tracks for 6 songs on this album, Burning Heart, by Beebee & the Bluebirds in the summer of 2012.

Jesse Byock

I recorded, edited and assambled/post-production, mastered these audio books by Jesse Byock. Audio books teaching pronunciation of Old Norse readings and runic writing. Viking Language 1 & Viking Language 2. -

Coco Bundy

I've mastered af few singles for musician/producer/mixer Einar Johnson a.k.a Coco Bundy. Check him out on Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Facebook.

Baad Roots

Baad Roots - Count That In.
Recorded live in studio at Mozarteum University, by Michael Wacht (Wacht productions). Mixed and mastered by Sigurdór Guðmundsson (Skonrokk Studios) and produced by the Jazzit label (Salzburg). Released 05 October 2012. Punk Jazz.

In the Company of Men

I mastered this awesome debut by Icelandic mathcore band, In the Company of Men, in July 2013.

Sigurdór Guðmundsson

This is a song I wrote back in 2005. I recorded it in 2011 and mixed and mastered it at Skonrokk Studios in October/November 2013.
Featured on Ian Shepherd's "Home Mastering Masterclass".

Trio Vadim Fyodorov

I recorded, mixed and mastered "Swing for Sergey" by Trio Vadim Fyodorov in 2011. Great players in this Django, jazz style accordion/acoustic trio.


I mixed "...This Is What's Left Of It" by Groundfloor, in the summer of 2010. Great songs and moods in a folk, rock semi acoustic setting.

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